Champagne is maybe the best-known sparkling wine in the world.

It comes from grapes grown in the French Champagne region, with a strictly regulated process.

After a hand-harvest (usually an early one), there is the first fermentation, just like as for wine. Then wines from various vineyards are added, and it is bottled, for a second alcoholic fermentation, for a period of 15 months non-vintage Champagne, or at least three years for vintage Champagne. After aging, with two processes known as riddling and disgorging.

Popular myths frequently, but erroneously, credit a monk, Dom Pérignon, with the invention of Champagne. Anyway, it surely made important contributions to improve Champagne production and quality.

The first sparkling wine was created accidentally in France, apparently by Benedictine Monks, over a century before Dom pérignon.

Pressure in the bottles led to many accidents, until, in 1844 the muselet was invented, to prevent corks from blowing out: the first ones were quite difficult to apply and to remove too.

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