Cherries are the delicious fruit of the sweet cherry tree.  English word cherry comes, through the Latin cerasum, from the classical Greek chérasos (κέρασος), from the city Giresun,  in northern Turkey, where cherries were first cultivated.

Most of edible Cherries derive either from Prunus avium or Prunus cerasus, respectively the trees producing sweet and sour Cherries.

Cherries are drupes of about 1 cm (0.4 in) in diameter (larger in some cultivated selections), bright to dark red and heart-shaped. They taste quite sweet, with just a hint of acid. They usually mature in midsummer.

In cooking, Cherries are considered among the most delicious fruit. They are perfect for jam, and a valid alternative to chocolate when making desserts. You can also use Cherries to make liqueurs, cookies and ice creams.

Cherry syrup is very popular to garnish great dishes, for example ice creams. Amongst the yummiest recipes with Cherries, there is clafoutis, a French dessert made with fruit (usually, pitted Cherries, apricots or plums) and a flan-like butter… Yum-yum!

Fun fact: a few pharmaceutical companies use Cherries to flavor theyr cough syrups for kids. A delicious and brilliant idea so that the youngest ones take their remedy as well.

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