Chicken, Gallus gallus domesticus, is one of the most common domestic animals. It seems to be native of India, but is now definitely widespread around the world. This because we use it as an important source of food, both for its meat and eggs, and even feathers.

Chicken is considered as a lean, white meat, with a low fat content and high in protein. It also is quite easy to digest, so is perfect for babies or sick people.

Chicken meat is especially appreciated. In fact thighs, breast, wings, offal are all used. You can use chicken meat in pieces, also to make rolls or kebabs, or to fry it. Or else, you can also buy and cook the whole chicken, for example roasted or on the spit. The different pieces have different textures and savors, so they fit different cooking techniques. For example, thigh is very soft and is perfect for roasting or grilling. Wings are great if breaded and deep-fried. With breast you can make rolls or cutlets. Since Chicken savor is quite mild, you can use spices and herbs to season it, such as curry, black pepper, rosemary, sage… But, also, special ingredients, like cashew nuts, or almonds, or even honey. Or else, vegetables and fruit, like bell peppers or lemon.

Fun fact: In North America and Australia adult male chickens are usually called roosters, whilst in the UK they are known as cocks. In Australia and New Zealand they only ise one term to indicate male and female chickens of every ages: chooks. In other anglophone countries, a hen is an adult female, while a pullet is a young one.

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