Couscous is a traditional dish of Arab cuisine, maybe the best-known, usually made with different recipes in northern Africa. Its origin dates probably back to Berber people, who, on the mounts of northern Africa, used to cultivate cereals such as wheat, barley, sorghum and millet. They used to combine them with water or milk to get rich single courses. Couscous name comes from their language, maybe from words like sekso, kuski or kuskus. This delicious dish got so famous to spread around all Arab countries.

Couscous, consisting of granules of durum wheat, requires long times to be made. Anyway, you can find it parboiled in the stores, so that you just have to finish cooking and add vegetables and meat. Its nourishing characteristics come above all from the wheat used, making it lighter than pasta. Besides that, the great amount of water absorbed by the granules gives an immediate feeling of satiety.

Recently, Couscous is being appreciated in western countries too, where we use to serve it warm or even cold, as a salad: we also make Couscous croquettes!

Fun fact: in international list of most appreciated food around the world, Couscous is at the fourth place.

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