When you talk about Cream Cheese here in Italy, you usually mean Philadelphia Cream Cheese. It is a fresh cheese with a mild taste, sort of alike to ricotta, but for the texture, more similar to mascarpone’s. And it also is lighter, with a quite lower fat content, than ricotta and mascarpone.

Cream Cheese is made from cow milk. Several recipes to make it are known in the United States since mid-eighteenth century. By the first half of the XIX century, the city of Philadelphia got to make a name about Cream Cheese making.

You can eat (Philadelphia) Cream Cheese alone, or spread on some sliced bread, or diced in salads. But you can also use it to make both sweet and savory dishes. For example, it is among the ingredients to make cheesecake. Or else, by combining it with other ingredients, like olives or salmon or tuna or different nes, you can make delicious spreads.

Fun fact: you can also make Cream cheese at home, you just need some fresh milk and some starter culture.

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