Filo (or phyllo) Pastry is a food preparation kind of similar to puff pastry.Unlike puff pastry, it consists of separated paper-thin sheets of dough, that you need to overlap, brushing some melted butter between the layers. Filo Pastry, just like puff pastry, has a neutral taste, so it is quite versatile and you can use it to make both sweet and savory dishes.

 Filo Pastry was first created in Middle East. Even though we all know it through its Greek name (meaning leaf), it seems to have an Ottoman origin. In Turkey a sort of ancient Filo Pastry used to be made, known as “yuvgha”, meaning, at that time, thin (while today, it indicated a dough).

Filo Pastry can be used to make very elaborated dishes. For example, baklava,  a rich, sweet pastry made with a crust of layers of Filo Pastry containing honey and chopped nuts. Or, also, spanakopita, a sort of spinach pie.

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