Friarielli are a very special vegetable: they actually are the first buds of Turnip Tops. Their name probably comes from Neapolitan word “frijere”, meaning frying, as they are mainly cooked in thet way.

They are one of the main ingredient of Neapolitan cuisine, but are also common in Roman gastronomy, where they use to call them broccoletti.

In cooking, Friarielli are usually pan-fried with evo oil, garlic and hot peppers. The most common combination is with sausages. Here in Neaples we use to eat them alone, just sausages and Friarielli, or with pasta, or as a pizza topping. But if you prefer a lighter dish, you can blanch them and season with some evo oil and lemon juice.

Fun fact: one of the main characteristics of Friarielli is its typical bitter taste. In case it is a little too bitter for you, you can steam or blanch them, before pan-frying.