Ginger root, usually referred to just as Ginger, is a rhizome belonging to Zingiberaceae family, native to China and above alla cultivated in Asia and Africa. The annual plant,  growing about up to 1 meter (3 to 4 feet) tall, is above all cultivated for its root, used, both fresh and dried, for medicinal and culinary scopes.

In cooking, the spice produced is fragrant and pugent, almost hot. It is mainly used in eastern traditional cuisines, to season meat, fish and vegetables. For example, it is sometimes included among the spices used to compose curry powder. In Anglo-Saxon countries it is actually mainly used to make sweet preparations, above all at Christmas time, like the famous gingerbread men. Ginger can also be used to make beverages, like the well-known ginger-ale, but also ginger wine or ginger beer.

Fun fact: Recent preliminary studies have shown the Ginger may have some effect in slowing or preventing tumor growth, but this has not been proven, yet. Anyway, Ginger has been used in medical therapies since ancient times, and it seems to be energizing and beneficial for treating nausea.

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