Glucose is a simple monosaccharide, quite common in nature. It can be found in many plants, as it is one of the main products of photosynthesis. In biology, it is considered as an important carbohydrate and possible source of energy. For a complete wellebeing, it is essential that Glucose levels stay balanced.

We can easily assimilate and digest food with a high content of simple sugars, which may release in our bodies a large amount of Glucose, in the blood system. The body will react to this Glucose increase in blood by producing insulin, which will regulate the concentration of Glucose.

In cooking, Glucose is found in many food, above all in fruit. The most common recipes with Glucose usually involve chocolate, or sweetened beverages. These are food with a high glycemic index (indicating indicates the food’s effect on the blood Glucose level). Wholemeal food, with their high fiber content, release Glucose much more gradually, contributing to regulate and balance the Glucose level, with a consequent benefical effect on our body.

Glucose is also used in industrial pastry-making. But in the recent years, it has also become a common ingredient, thanks to the diffusion of cake decorating at home.

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