Hot Pepper, also called chili pepper, capsicum l., is the berry of a plant of solanaceae family, native to America, but now spread and cultivated all over the world.

The name capsicum possibly comes from ancient Greek “kapto”, meaning biting, probably referring to the piquancy of Hot Pepper.

The plant of Hot Pepper is a sort of a big bush: it can grow up to 80 cm (about 32 inches). It has leaves of a light green color, and white flowers with 5 petals.

As regards nutritional facts, Hot Pepper has a high content of vitamins C, B1, B2, A and PP. Notwithstanding that, drying will reduce them.

In cooking, Hot Pepper can be eaten fresh (if you can bear the intense piquancy). Otherwise, you can store it in oil, or dry it. Then you can beak it in small pieces to give a pleasant hot and spicy flavor to your dishes. Of course, the more Hot Pepper you add, the more spicy you dish will be. That’s also depend on the puality of the Hot Pepper, and the variant.

Classic recipes with Hot Pepper are, for example, Mexican beans or eggplants in oil. They are also used, powdered, to make paprika and curry.

Fun fact: each variant of capsicum l. has a different shape and color, but each of them is used by man with a therapeutic, and often gastronomic too, scope.

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