Kinder Chocolate is a confectionery product of the Italian company Ferrero SpA, leader in the sector both in Italy and Germany.

Ferrero SpA was founded in 1946 in Piedmont, Italy, by confectioner Pietro Ferrero, and then brought to the successe by Pietro’s son, Michele Ferrero. That’s who, in 1968, decided to create a healthier snack for kids, giving them a higher milk content. With the 40% of milk, Kinder Chocolate met with success at once. Till today, you can buy these delicious milk chocolate bars, with a milky filling, in packeges ranging from 4 to 40 bars.

You can eat Kinder Chocolate as a snack, at home, at school, during your free time… everybody, kids and grown-ups, like it. During the last years even Kinder Easter eggs have been commercialized, and appreciated. Among the yummiest recipes with Kinder Chocolate there are the delicious Kinder Chocolate muffins, high-priced by kids for the creamy and chocolatey filling and the nice muffin shape.

Fun fact: on Kinder Chocolate packeges there is the face of a kid, Günter Euringer, added to express the idea of a kid-friendly snack. In 2003 it was replaced by Matteo Farneti’s face, very similar to the original kid. In 2009 the company launched a contest to find the new Kinder face.