Lasagna is maybe the oldest type of pasta. They are simply wide, flat sheets of pasta dough, that you can basically season in any way you like. Typical of Italian cuisine, Lasagna is very common in Carnival period.

Lasagna has an ancient origin. The term comes from ancient Greek word “laganon”, indicating a flat sheet of pasta dough cut into strips. In ancient Rome times, Apicius describes in one of his texts a dish very similar to Lasagna, called lasana or lasanum.

Lasagna Sheets are a type of fresh egg-pasta, made with wheat flour and eggs, kneaded evenly and then rolled out very thinly. You can color them with special ingredients: kneading some spinach in the dough you will have green Lasagna, with pumpkin yellow Lasagna, and so on…

Lasagna Sheets are very common in Emilian cuisine, above all in Bologna, where you can find traditional and fancy recipes of Lasagna. The most classic recipe is actually Lasagna Bolognese, a kind of symbol of Emilian gastronomic tradition.

Fun fact: Lasagna Sheets are quite versatile. For example, you can season them with pesto, or béchamel sauce, or ragu. Traditional Lasagna is a layered dish, but you can also spread some filling on your sheets and roll them up to have Lasagna roulades!

Recipes with Lasagna Sheets

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