Marsala Wine is produced in the Sicilian area of Marsala city, in Italy. It has been the first DOC wine in Italian wine history. They say Marsala Wine was spread outside Italy by an English trader, John Woodhouse, who, in 1773, called at Marsala port, tasted it, brought it to England and started to commercialize it.

Marsala Wine is made through a quite complex process, employing a special aging system called Soleras, a sort of blending of different vintages. Of course, only Sicilian indigenous grapes are used. Sometimes, a cooked grape must is used, to give Marsala Wine a deep brown color.Sometimes, it is fortified with brandy or neutral grape spirit. Marsala wine can taste from dry to sweet

In cooking, Marsala wine is frequently used, for example to make delicious dishes of spiced meat or, also, to give an extra touch to sweet preparations, like for Sicilian cannoli.

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