Mayonnaise is a creamy sauce, with whitish or pale yellow color, used as a condiment. It is made with vegetal oil, eggs and lemo juice (or, sometimes, vinegar).

Mayonnaise is much used in French gastronomic tradition. It is usually served to accompany French fries, together with ketchup, or meat or fish dishes. Among the recipes with Mayonnaise, there are Olivier salad and tuna sandwich. In Italian cuisine it is also used with chicken and hard-boiled eggs.

In cooking, it is possible to make a delicious Mayonnaise at home, without buying the packaged one. You just need to combine eggs and oil and wisk them with a pinch of salt and some lemon juice or vinegar, always beating with the wisk at the maximum speed… et voilà.

Fun fact: Besides it in the kitchen, Mayonnaise can also be used to treat dry hair. Thanks to eggs and oil, it will nourish your hair and make them soft and glossy. Just spread some Mayonnaise all over your hair after washing them, cover with some plastic film, and let rest for about 30 minutes.

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