M&M’s are a sort of button-shaped candies, a milk chocolate heart with a colorful  candy shell, with a letter “m” printed on one side, produced by Mars Incorporated, an American global manufacturer of food products.

M&M’s were first invented in the United States in 1941, from a method used to let soldiers handle chocolate without having it melt. Anyway, since the first milk-chocolate version, numerous other varieties introduced and are now commercialized all over the world. In fact, now there are M&M’s with peanut, dark or white chocolate, almond and even mint.

M&M’s are a perfect sweet snack, but they are now also used to garnish cookies, cakes and ice creams.

Fun fact: M&M’s has introduced in television commercials two computer animated mascots, the cynical Red and the happy Yellow, with cartoon-like storytelling. An imaginative marketing that has helped to expand the brand.

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