Neapolitan Papaccella is a vegetable similar to the green peperoni, a variety of the species, capsicum annum. Compared to peperoni, it is much smaller and larger, with a diameter up to 10 cm (about 4 inches). It is quite easy to recognise, thanks to its fresh and strong smell.

Neapolitan Papaccella is, as its name suggest, a product typical of Campania. It is an ideal vegetable for preserving in oil or pickling. You can the use preserved papaccelle to prepare great side dishes, like the famous “insalata di rinforzo” (literally, support salad), a dish typical of Christmas’ Eve dinner, made with steamed cauliflower, escarole, olive, anchovies and, of course, Neapolitan Papaccella.

Anyway, thanks to its special smell and taste, Neapolitan Papaccella is also delicious grilled, or deep- or pan-fried, for example to accompany soe pork meat.

In other regions of Italy, it is usually known with different names, like chiacchiera, chiochera or pupacchiella, and eaten stuffed, with tuna or ground meat.