Nutella is an amaizingly yummy sweetened cocoa and hazelnut spread cream, maybe the most frequently imitated one around the world, created by Italian brand Ferrero.

The recipe dates back to almost fifty years ago, starting from two different original recipes, the solid Pasta Giandujot and the creamy SuperCrema. Since the intent was of marketing it throughout Europe, the name was changed into Nutella, from English word ‘nut’ + Italian suffix ‘ella’, added to make it catchier. First commercialized in 1964, Nutella was an instant success.

Here in Italy, Nutella is mainly consumed just spread on (toasted or not) bread, maybe for breackfast, together with a good small cup of coffee. But in time, and also thanks to a massive advertising campaign, it is now used to make delicious desserts as well. Famous are now crepes and tarts with a Nutella spread filling, but there are also cakes and cookies made with Nutella, and even ice cream.

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