Paccheri are another type of pasta shape, also made from durum wheat, typical of Neapolitan cuisine, similar to very large tubes. From this shape, also cannelloni and rigatoni (other kinds of pasta) were originated.

Paccheri are great with ragu and other rich seasoning, as they are very porous and can perfectly absorb any sauce. For example, you can use them to make baked timballos.

Most people around the world can’t cook our famous “pasta al dente”. Pasta should be cooked in a large pot of boiling salted water, at a rolling boil, following the cooking time reported on the package, and drained when still a little firm, not mushy. According to what nutritionists say, Pasta al dente is much more digestible.

Fun fact: in Neapolitan dialect the word ‘pacchero’ (from ancient Greek “pas” + “keir” meaning ‘with the whole hand’) means ‘slap’, so the name of the pasta shape Paccheri is due to the sound they make when you put them inside the pot of boiling water, similar to a slap sound.

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