Pane Carasau (from Sardinian dialect carasare, meaning to toast) is a flat bread typical of Sardinia.

It is made of carachteristic thin, crispy sheets, so in Italy it is also known as “carta da musica” (sheet music) due to its crispiness, provoking typical noise when you eat it, as well as its resemblance to the parchment paper where sacred music was written on.

This bread is made from simple ingredients: durum wheat flour, yeast, water and salt. It has a humble origin: since it can be stored for a long time, it was much used by shepherds, who used to spend lot and lot of hours away from home. The poorer shepherds used to make it with barley flour, instead of durum wheat flour.

In both cases, the dough is then rolled out in very thin sheets, to be baked for a very short time. When it start to puff up, you need to open it in two disks, and then finish baking to give it its crunchiness.

You can eat Pane Carasau plain, or hydrate it with water, and use it to make both sweet and savory dishes, like lasagna (pane vrattau).
You can also spread it with oil and salt and gratinate it in the oven (pane guttiàu).

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