Pappardelle is a type of fresh egg pasta. They are similar to tagliatelle, but very much wider, typical of middle Italy, especially Tuscany. Like for tagliatelle, they are usually made with 1 egg per each one hundres grams of flour, together with a pinch of salt and some olive oil. Just like for tagliatelle, to make them you need to roll the dough out (usually one egg per each one hundred grams of flour) in a very thin sheet, than roll it up and finally cut the roll into wide stripes. .

There are many recipes with Pappardelle. They are perfect with wild boar ragu, or sauces made from other game meat.

Fun fact: most people around the world can’t cook our famous “pasta al dente”. Pasta should be cooked in a large pot of boiling salted water, at a rolling boil, following the cooking time reported on the package, and drained when still a little firm, not mushy. According to what nutritionists say, Pasta al dente is much more digestible.

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