Paprika is a spice made with a mix of different hot peppers, dried and powdered. Its flavor is hot and spicy, with a touck of smoked and earthy aroma. It can be even hotter if the seeds have been powdered too.

The peppers with which Paprika is made are native to America. They were then exportend to Asia, and from there to Europe. Today, Paprika is above all associated with Hungarian cuisine, but it is also much used in many other countries. It is much appreciated here in Italy too: we sometimes use it to replace black pepper.

On the market you can find different types of Paprika. Its taste can actually range from mild and sweet to hot and smoked. You can find, for example, Paprika delicate, rose, sweet, strong, and even more.

Among the most famous Hungarian recipes with Paprika, there are sausages, and goulash soup. But it can also be used just to season and color dishes with rice and potatoes, for instance.

Fun fact: Paprika also is a great antiseptic, and can contribute to stimulate the digestive system and have benefical effects on the circulatory system.

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