Pickled Cucumbers, also called gherkins, are cucumbers that have been pickled in vinegar, or other brine, and left to ferment. In order to make them, a particular species of cucumber is chosen, producing a smaller fruit than the common cucumber.

In kitchen, Pickled Cucumbers are great in summer salads, or just served as an appetizer o among side dishes.

Making Pickled Cucumbers is quite easy. To preserve them in vinegar, you need to boil vinegar and water. Fill the jars with cucumbers, season with a pinch of salt, a few black peppercorns, a garlic clove and some laurel leaves. Then pour the hot vinegar inside, till completely covering them, and close the lid.

The proceeding to preserve cucumbers in oil is a bit longer. You need to mix them with salt, and let them ferment in a terracotta bowl for a couple of days, stirring them every once and then. Then you need to drain and let them dry completely. Now you can put them in jars with the herbs you like, such as hot peppers, laurel, cloves, garlic…Then bring vinegar to a point of boiland pour it inside. Let cool down completely, close the lids and let ferment for a dozen days. Then open, drain the vinegar, add inn evo oil, close and store.

You can also make sweet and sour cucumbers. Like vinegar ones, they’re quite easy to make. Boil them in vinegar, oil, salt and sugar, drain them, put in jars and cover with the cooking sauce. They can be served cold, especially during summer nights. In spite of the sugar, it’s a light food, so you can eat even if you’re on a diet.

In order to ensure them a long shelf life, be sure to sterilize both jars and lids you’re going to use.

For tastier recipes with cucumbers, you can try salade niçoise and tzatziki.