Pink Pepper is a spice coming from the shrub schinus molle, native to Bolivia, Peru and Chile. The spice consists in the dried berries of the plant, having a peppery flavor similar to green pepper’s. Together with the resemblance between these grains and the regular peppercorn, this is the reason why  it is known as pink peppercorn.

In cooking, it is mainly used to flavor meat dishes, risottos and desserts. But, also, to enrich mild sauces, for example with yogurt and fruit, or liqueurs and aromatic oils. Or even just as a final decoration, thanks to its bright color.

In Chile it is used to flavor wine. In Mexico it is the main ingredient of an ancient, traditional alcoholic beverage, considered sacred.

Pink Pepper is also used in traditional medicine for its antiseptic, antidepressant and diuretic properties, for example to to treat rheumatism and menstrual pains.

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