Pork is the name used to refer to meat coming from domestic pig, a large ungulate, similar to wild boar, mainly farmed for the consumption of its flesh even if its bones, bristles and skin are also used in commercial products.

With its high fat content and pleasant texture and savor, Pork is one of the most commonly consumed meat in the world. Here in Italy Pork is often considered as white meat, whilst the USDA usually consider it as red meat. That’s because of its content of myoglobin, higher than chicken’s, but lower than beef’s level. Pork is also high in thiamin. Anyway, just because of its cholesterol and saturated fat content, Pork is not suitable for people with high blood pressure.

Pork can be eaten both fresh and preserved. In the first case, you need to cook it before comsuming, as uncooked or undercooked Pork can be dangerous and carry some diseases. Pork is perfect for marinade, to be roasted, grilled or pan-fried.
Otherwise, Pork may be spiced and processed to extend its shelf life. Ham, pancetta, bacon, salami… are all example of cured Pork.

The finest cuts of Pork are boned spare ribs for roasting, pork tenderloins for pan-frying or belly of pork for slow-roasting.

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