Pork Butt, also called Boston butt, or even blade shoulder, is a cut of pork, consistin in the upper part of the front leg shoulder of the pig. It may sometimes contain the blade bone. It owes the name to the custom of stocking pork cuts (not the highly valued ones, of course) in barrels (butts) during the the American Revolutionary War.

As it is not considered a high-quality cut, it is quite economic. Notwithstanding that, it is a tender and tasty. That’s why it is often used to make a type of salami, known as “salame crudo” (raw salami). This is made by seasoning the gorund meat with salt, black pepper, nutmeg and red wine, then it is used to stuff either an edible natural or inedible artificial casing, and hung to air-drying and curing. 

Among the most appreciated recipe with Pork Butt, there are home-made sausages, but ou can also use to make, for example, meatballs. Here in Naples it is often used to make braciole, that is to say big meat rolls, stuffed with pine nuts, pecorino, raisin, garlic and parsley, usually cooked in ragu or tomato sauce.

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