Puff Pastry is a base recipe much used and appreciated, as it is crunchy, puffy, deliciously buttery and versatile. It is made with flour, butter and water, so it has a neutral taste and you can use it both for sweet and savory dishes. Of course, because of its fat conten, it is a high-calorie food.

Puff Pastry is quite difficult to master, above all because of its long preparation. In order to make it, you need to follow a special process to evenly distribute butter and dough (they are kind of layered between each other). So you first need to make the dough. Then you have to roll it out, place a pat of butter in the middle, fold the dough over the butter. And again, roll it out, place more butter and fold, for several times. Of course, there also is long res time between the steps. In the end, during baking, the water present in the butter will create steam, causing the dough to puff and separate into many layers. .

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