Rabbits are small mammals of Leporidae family. There are more than 50 species around the world, thanks to captivity-made crossbreeding. They are often considered as pets, but in some countries they are still used for human feeding. At the butcher’s shop you can buy it whole or in pieces.

Rabbits have been breeded for their meat since past times. Here in Italy the biggest farms breeding Rabbits used to be in northern-eastern regions.

The success of this animal is due to its meat, which is tender, lean and tasty.

In cooking, Rabbit can be prepared in many different ways. It is mainly suggested for kids or people with digestive issues, as it is easily assimilable and digestible.

In most cases, Rabbit is cooked with herbs and ingredient enhancing its sweetish savor. In Liguria, for example, they use to make it with olives, rosemary and pine nuts.

Fun fact: Rabbit is amongst the meats most used by mothers during weaning, or for convalescent old people, as it is rich in minerals and low in cholesterol and sodium.

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