Scialatielli (or scialatelli) are a kind of long pasta shape, usually fresh pasta. Typical of cuisine from Campania, they have the designation of “Prodotto Agroalimentare Tradizionale” (traditional Italian regional food product, similar to Protected Geographical Status). More precisely, it is a type of pasta first created in Amalfi, by chef Enrico Cosentino in 1978. He presented his creation at a gastronomic contest, and won the award entremetier of the year.

Its name seems to come from dialectal words “scialare” and “tiella”, respectively mening “enjoy” and “pan”.

Scialatielli are a bit shorter and thicker than spaghetti, and with a square section. They are usually hand-made, so may appear quite irregular. Anyway, here in Italy you can also find them in well-stocked supermarkets. Otherwise, you can make them by yourself, according to tradition, by kneading pastry flour, water and/or milk, finely grated cheese, gound basil and salt.

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