Smooth Clams, Callista chione, are bivalve mollusks of Veneridae family, Callista genus, living in the waters of Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea, above all in sandy bottoms. They have an oval, smooth shell, usually brown and pink in color, of up to 10 cm.

Smooth Clams have a low content of calories and fats, but are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins.

They are much appreciated, and included among gastronomic specialties. Therefore, here in Italy they are often prepared in order to be served during feasts and/or for Sunday lunch. Since they are enumerated among filter feeders, they may contain toxins, and you need to be especially careful during cleaning. In cooking, Smooth Clams can be used for sautéing and make delicious sauces to season rice and pasta, or else, to make great soups.

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