Swordfish, xiphias gladius, also called broadbill, is a large fish (of bullfish category). It can be up to 4.55 m (14.9 ft) long and weigh up to 650 kg (1,430 lb)Swordfish usually lives in the tropical and temperate waters of the ocean.

Swordfish is endowed with great speed and agility: it is one of the fastest fish. Notwithstanding that, it has been widely fished since ancient times. The color of its meat may vary according to the specific diet. For example, in case of a shrimp-based diet, it can aquire an orange shade.

Swordfish has a sort of a meaty texture. It is sold exclusively in steaks. When buying Swordfish, take care: the reddish areas must be red, not brown. It is great with grill-cooking, but it is also used to make soups or even sauces. Smoked Swordfish is also much appreciated. If you want to make a very refined dish, you can thinly slice it raw, and marinate it with white wine.

Fun fact: contrary to most of different species, male Swordfish usually are smaller than females. Besides that, Swordfish living in the Pacific ocean are usually larger than those living in the Atlantic ocean.

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