Tabasco Sauce is a special hot sauce produced by McIlhenny Company, U.S. based. It is only produced with a special variety of chili peppers: tabasco peppers, from which its name. Among the other ingredients there also is vinegar, strongly contributing to its flavor.

In order to make Tabasco Sauce, peppers are put with salt in oak barrels and let to age for up to three years. During this lapse of time the peppers will macerate. Vinegar is the added to the resulting liquid. After a few more weeks, the sauce is finally bottled.

Of course, the exact amount of the single ingredients are not common knowledge. In fact, since 1870 McIlhenny Company has patented the recipe.Then, during the following years, they have launched on the market several different variants of the original sauce, with different grade of spiciness. For example, there is Tabasco Sauce made with jalapeno, habanero, chipotle, and even more.

In cooking, Tabasco Sauce is mainly used to season chicken dishes, or hamburger, or the well-known hot dog, or similar dishes, or even mayonnaise, fresh tuna or bloody Mary.

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