Thyme, Thymus, is a plant belonging to Lamiaceae family. Its name comes from ancient Greek and means “strength”,because of its strong flavor.

Thyme is a strong perennial shrub, growing in sunny location with hot weather, up to 40-50 cm tall. It usually has narrow stems. Ita flowers can be white, purple or yellowish, and small evergreen leaves, definitely aromatic.

In cooking, Thyme  is considered a valuable herb, to give extra flavor to tasty dishes, or even to infusion. But not only: in fact, can also contribute to make stew, roast-beef, stuffed meat or other rich dishes more digestible. For example, it is used to prepare fennel seed lamb, or orange pork.

It is also included among the ingredients used to make several liqueurs and wine, and many digestifs too.

Fun fact: Thyme is also used for medical scopes. Since the times of ancient Egypt, it has been known as a herb with antiseptic and depurative properties for gastrointestinal  system. Ancient Egyptians, in fact, used to extract its essential oils to use them during embalming process.

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