Turnip Tops (brassica rapa), also called rapini, are a vegetable of Brassicaceae family, native to southern Italy and then exported to Europe and the rest of the world. Today, there are Turnip Top plantations in Australia and in the United States, for example.

Here in Italy Turnip Tops are above alla associated to recipes from Puglia. One of the symbol of Salento cuisine, is orecchiette and Turnip Tops, made with grated parmesan, hot peppers, garlic and anchovies in oil. But you can also use them to make salads and soups, or even to stuff meat or pies.

The edible parts of Turnip Tops are leaves, buds, and the thinnest stems. They are common during winter period and are famous for their special bitter taste.

Fun fact: Turnip Tops have a high content of minerals, like iron, phosphorus, anc calcium, vitamins A, C and B2, and folid acid. They are a very light vegetable, with just 27 per 100 grams.

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