Wild Boar is a bulky animal. It can be up to 160 cm (63 in) in body length, with a weight of 110–130 kg (240–290 lb), and with short and relatively thin legs. Its eyesight is quite weak, counterbalanced by very well developed senses of smell and hearing. In males, canines keep growing throughout the whole life. Wild Boar has thick underwool, usually a sort of mane on the head, and a short tail.

Natural habitat can range from taiga to desert. They seem to have originated from South-East Asia, but humans spread them pretty much all over the world, from western and southern Europe, to northern and western Africa, to America and central Asia.

In cooking Wild Boar meat is considered definitely tasty, very suitable for dishes with long preparation time, like ragu, or to be stewed or braised, so that it can get more tender. In youngest animals, also chops and legs are used, to be grilled or roasted. Before coooking Wild Board meat is usually marinated, to soften the gamy flavor. Here in Italy, Wild Boar is considered as a tyical dish in Tuscany.

Fun fact: here in Italy, we have Wild Boar sounders in the forests of central and southern Italy. Tuscany is among regions with the highest number of animals. Here in Campania there are Wild Boars living in the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park.

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