Fragaria vesca is the pant which produces the delicious Wild Strawberries, also called woodland strawberries. Strawberry is not a true berry: the fruit is a receptacle, and the so-called seeds actually are achenes. People usually think that the name comes from the straw being used as a mulch in cultivating the plant, but actually the etymology of the word is not certain.

The wild strawberry flower is white, begins blooming in late spring, and is then followed by the red fruit. Wild Strawberries grow in open fields and woodlands.

In cooking, Wild Strawberries are mainly used to make desserts, syrups and liqueurs. Because of their color and size, they also make a great decoration over cakes and pastries. Among the yummiest recipes, there is the coconut and strawberry chilled cake.

Fun fact: you can also cultivate Wild Strawberries at home, into your garden or even on your balcony. In this case, you should plant them in a large pot with a rich mix of soil and compost. If the soil contains a lot of clay or drains poorly, you can amend it with organic matter. In order to grow healthy plants, you should keep them from full sun to partial shade, and water well to keep soil somewhat moist.