Yogurt, from a Turkish word meaning coagulated or thickened, is a by-product of milk, obtained by fermentation. Itseems to have been known since Neolithic Period. Yogurt has a creamy consistency and slightly sour savor. Yogurt can be produced with any kind of milk. Notwithstanding that, cow’s milk is the most commonly used worldwide. The proceeding to make Yogurt involves bacteria inoculation into milk, so that thay can coagulate it during fermentation. Then it is packaged and commercialized.

It is rich in milk enzymes, casein protein, calcium, B and D vitamins, and low in lactose, so it may be suitable for many intolerant people.

In cooking, Yogurt can be eaten plain, for example in the fruity version, or used as an ingredient to make both sweet and savory dishes. Be careful: do not use sweetened and flavored Yogurt for savory dishes. The well-famous Tzatziki is made precisely with Yogurt, but you can also use it to make cheesecake or red velvet cake.

Fun fact: Yogurt is also mentioned in the Arabic collection of stories “One Thousand and One Nights”.

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