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Lemon Jam is one of my favorite ones: fresh, not too sweet, and with a slightly sour taste, it’s unique. In order to make this jam you will need organic lemons: I got mine from the aunt of one of the girls who work with me, pricked from her garden lemon tree… More organic than this is impossible 😉
If you like citrus, try this recipe, I found it delicious!
After a great breakfast with croissants (you’ll find the recipe tomorrow on the blog), I’m going to get ready to bring Elisa to the park, read you later and have a good Sunday 🙂

Ingredients for 3 jars:
1 kg of organic lemons
700 g of sugar

Preparation Time: 20 min
Cooking Time: 40 min buy Zithromax online
Total Time: 50 min + 2 hours for resting

How to make Lemon Jam

Thouroughly wash lemons under fresh running water. Also brush them.

Lemon Jam (1)

Thinly slice lemons, discard seeds and the external parts, with no flesh.

Lemon Jam (2)

Put slices in a large bowl, cover with water and let rest for a couple of hours.

Lemon Jam (3)

After 2 hours, drain lemon move them into a pot, cover again with new fresh water, and bring to a point of boil.

Lemon Jam (4)

Let boil for 5 minutes, then drain them again: put aside 300 ml of cooking water.

Lemon Jam (5)

Put in a pot lemons, sugar, and the cooking water you’ve put aside, and cook for about 40 minutes.

cheap Propranolol Lemon Jam (6)
Lemon Jam (7)
Lemon Jam (8)

Once your jam will be quite thick, you can put some drops on a plate and let cool down: if, after cooling down, it won’t slide away when you tild the plate, your jam is ready.
If you prefer, you can blend it with a hand-held mixer, completely or partially. I partially blended it.

Lemon Jam (9)
buy levonorgestrel Lemon Jam (10)
Lemon Jam (11)

Pour jam into sterilized jars right away.
Firmly close the lids, turn jars upside-down, and let cool down in this position.

Lemon Jam (12)
Lemon Jam (13)
Lemon Jam (14)

You can serve Lemon Jam with cheeses, at the end of a meal, or, if you like it, just spreaded on some bread.

Lemon Jam (15)
Lemon Jam

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Lemon Jam
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Lemon Jam

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