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Limoncello is a typical Italian (more specifically, from Sorrento peninsula, in Campania) lemon liqueur. It is ideal to be served, usually cold, as a digestif at the end of a meal. There are many different recipes to make it at home, as here in Campania each family has its own recipe. But there is one unalterable ingredient: lemons from Sorrento, which usually have thick and super-fragrant peels, essential to give the liqueur its unique and special flavor.
Last month I’ve been in Sorrento, and I couldn’t hold myself from buying their lemons in order to make limoncello at home. This is the recipe I’ve used.

Ingredients for 3 litres of Limoncello:
1 l of alcohol
7 Cheap Albendazole lemons Fluoxetine online from Sorrento
900 g of sugar buy cheap Lithium
1 l of water

Preparation Time: 30 min
Total Time: 30 min + 1 month and 15 days

How to make Limoncello

Rinse the lemons under fresh running water, while brushing them gently, then dry them up.


Peel the zest of with a potato peeler. Do not remove the white pith under the skin, because it’s too bitter.
Put zests and alcohol in a container with a lid on, in a fresh and dark place, for 15 days.


After that, make the syrup. Bring to a point of boil the water, add the sugar and let it dissolve completely. Then let cool down.


Once cold, sift the alcohol to remove the zests, and pour it into the syrup. 


If needed, sift again the liqueur with some gauze.


Now pour Limoncello into the bottles. Let rest for about a month in a fresh and dark place. After that, you can cool it down in the freezer and… enjoy!!

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