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Mussel Soup is a typical Neapolitan dish, one of the most used recipe to cook mussels, right after classic Impepata (Mussels in a Pepper Broth) of course 😉
Neapolitan restaurants serve Mussel Soup (in Neapolitan dialect, a’ zupp’ ‘e cozzeche), made with tomatoes, garlic, parsley and hot oil, all the year round. But, traditionally, we make it on Maundy Thursday, as an alternative to another Neapolitan classic, periwinkle (we call them maruzzelle) soup.
Despite being fond of sea food, I’d never done it myself… And yet on Maundy Thursday here in Naples fish shops usually sells a kit to make it, complete with freselline and hot oil (a red-colored oil made from chopper hot pepper infused in extra-virgin olive oil). Anyway, last Sunday made a all fish-based lunch, and I decided to make Mussel Soup and Mussels in a Pepper Broth, as well. Two sea-flavored delicious appetizers. I will obviously make them again on next Maundy Thursday!
Meanwhile, here you have my family recipe to make Neapolitan Mussel Soup, in case you want to try it. Kisses and good day 😉

Ingredients for 4 servings:
1,5 kg of mussels
400 g of peeled tomatoes
2 cloves Tadalafil online of garlic
1 hot pepper
200 g of croutons
purchase Topamax extra-virgin olive oil
hot oil

Preparation Time: Topamax 100 mg 20 min.
Cooking Time: 30 min.
Total Time: 50 min.

How to make Neapolitan Mussel Soup

Clean the mussels by washing them under running water while striking them against each other in order to clean the shell. Draw away the beard (we call it funiciello) emerging from the mussels’ shells, then let your mussels soak in some fresh water for at least 15 minutes.
Clic here to see how to clean mussels.

Pan-fry the garlic with the extra-virgin olive oil and the hot pepper.Cut tomatoes into pieces, add the into the pan, and cook for about 20 minutes.

When ready, drain the mussels and add them to the sauce.

Cover and cook until all of them will have opened.
Add chopped parsley and stir to season the mussels with the sauce.

At the end, put some croutons on the bottom of every individuall dish, cover with some sauce.

Then cover with the mussels, spread some additional chopped parsley, add some hot oil, and serve.

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Mussel Soup
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Mussel Soup

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