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My Little Pony Cake is the result of a week spent planning, creating, making again, kneading… It took me a while to note down the procedure and get the pictures into order, but I made it 🙂
You need to know that Elisa loves horses, and among her favorite cartoons, after Minnie and Mickey Mouse, there is, by sheer chance, My Little Pony. So, we decided that wold be the subject of her second birthday cake. Like last year, the whole family was involved in the in the creation. Besides, this year we had a more ambitious plan: this was my first 2-tier cake, and decorations were a lot, and not easy to make… But I was sure we would make a special cake for our honeybun!
After nights spent making mini-roses, little butterflies, rainbow and little ponies (made by my sister and her boyfriend,k who patiently made and re-made dozens horses before getting the result in the pics), yesterday, while my mother and I were making frosting and base cakes, my sister and my brother-in-law took care of rolling sugar paste out and finish decorations, and Ivano and my father kept Elisa occupied and afar from the kitchen.
In the end, placed the little ponies on the cake, everybody went in the living-room, wore their birthday party hats and made the birthday girl close her eyes… When she saw my sistern and me arriving with the cake, she run towards us: her eyes wide, her face smiling, her wonder totally repaied for our hard work! For all of us, her happiness is id priceless, and in these moment I thank God for my family!
Well, my friend, thank you for the good wishes and the affection… it’s true, it seems like it was only yesterday that I was sharing my daughter’s birth with you, and now we are still here together, to celebrate her second birthday… So I’m glad to share with you a picture of my “little masterpiece”, and I’m not talking about the cake, this tima, but about my little treasure 🙂

Ingredients for a 24 cm springform pan:
4 eggs
2 tbsp of milk
250 g of margarine
250 g of sugar
300 g of pastry flour
10 g of baking powder
grated zest of lemon

Ingredients for a 18 cm cake pan:
3 eggs
2 tbsp of milk
175 g of margarine
175 g of sugar
200 g of pastry flour
8 g of baking powder
grated zest of lemon

Ingredients for the filling buy Plavix online
500 ml of milk Diflucan cheap
1 tbsp of vanilla flavor
1 tbsp of honey
100 g of sugar
40 g of corn starch
order Topamax 400 ml of whipping cream
200 g of white and milk chocolate chips

Ingredients for the syrup
350 ml of water
100 g of sugar
1 zest of lemon

1,5 Kg of sugar paste
2 plastic dowel rods
gelatin for sugar paste

Preparation Time: 2 hours
Baking Time: 1 hours
Total Time: 3 hours

How to make My Little Pony Cake

Make the 2 Madeira Cake by following the step-by-step recipe.

madeira cake

Now let’s make the milk frosting: in a heavy-based saucepan, bring milk to a point of boil, together with honey and vanilla. Then turn the gas off and add in corn starch and sifted sugar.


Put the frosting back onto the gas and let it thicken while continuously stirring. Then let it cool down, whip the cream and incorporate it into the cold milk frosting, stirring bottom-up with a wooden spoon. Then store in the fridge.


Let’s make the syrup: put water, sugar and lemon zest in a saucepan, cook on a low heat for a dozen minutes, then let cool down.


Horizontally cut every cakes into 3 disks. Now let’s start assembling, from the largest (24 cm) disks.
Put a disk back into the springform pan (so that the cake will stay compact while you’re filling it), soak withsome syrup and spread a layer of frosting and then some chocolate chips.


Put another disk, soak, fill with frosting and chips. Then put the third disk on, without soaking it, and press gently to evenly distribute the stuffing. Proceed in the same way with the smaller cake. Then put the cakes into the fridge for 30 minutes.


Take back the 24 cm cake and cover with the milk frosting.


Roll out some pink sugar paste ina a thin sheet and use it to cover the cake.
To see the step-by-step proceeding, clic here.


Line a 40 cm platter with green sugar paste, spread some gelatin for sugar paste in the middle, then put the cake over it, exactly in the middle of the platter.


Stick the dowels into the cake: they will support the second tier. Make a mark with a pen, lift them, cut the extra part and put them back into the cake. Cover with some milk frosting and place a small plastic disk over it: it will act as a partition when you’ll slice the first tier of the cake.


In the same way, frost the 18 cm cake, line with purple sugar paste, cut the extra paste off the bottom side, and place it onto the first cake.


Now, you should have the decorations you’ve chosen to use already ready: I used 3 little ponies, a rainbow, a blue rectangle, little roses, little butterflies, leaves, some grass, white little balls, the letters for the birthday girl’s name, the number for her age.


Now place the grass around the 24 cm cake and the little balls around the 18 cm cake.


Place the blue rectangle as it was a waterfall, and the rainbow between the two tiers.
To stick the decorations to the cake, just brush the base with some water: sugar will melt and act as a glue.


Now add the remaining decorations… and My Little Pony Cake is ready!

Torta my little pony

And here you have a picture of my little honeybun with her cake.
Torta my little pony-elisa

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