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Rum Baba is one of Neapolitan specialties, maybe the Neapolitan dessert par excellence.
There is plenty of recipes to make Rum Baba, I’ll post my mother’s. People use to think that it is quite difficult to make, but this is a very simple recipe, which works every time. I’ve read on the Internet they use kneader or dough hook… I guarantee a regular whisk or beater will be perfectly fit 🙂
P.S. The quantities for the rum syrup are approximate, as they depend on personal taste: I use to try the flavor while I make it, and change to adapt it to my taste… Anyway, I’ll suggest you not to skimp on the rum, or you’ll not try the real Neapolitan Baba!

Note: I’M TYING THE KNOT TODAY!!!!!!! Guys, I’ll read you on 17th July. XOX to everybody, and thanks for the good wishes :-***

Ingredients for a 28 cm mold:
6 eggs
1 tbsp of sugar isotretinoin without prescription
1 tsp of salt purchase Lamisil online
25 g of baker’s yeast
100 g of margarine
400 g of pastry flour

Ingredients for the rum syrup:
500 ml of water
250 g of sugar
1 zest of lemon
250 ml of rum buy Premarin online

Preparation Time: 30 min.
Cooking Time: 30 min.
Total Time: 1 hour

How to make Neapolitan Baba Cake

Put in a very large bowl eggs, sugar, margarine (I strongly recommend not to use butter!) and baker’s yeast.


Whip the batter up for about 10 minutes.
Now add sifted flour and salt, and keep whisting the dough.


You should keep kneading until the dough is smooth and soft, and it breaks away from the sides of the bowl.



Now butter the mold, then evenly pour the batter into it.



Put a cover upon the mold and let rise for about 3 hours, or until the dough reaches the edge of the mold.


At this point, cook in pre-heated oven, at 220°C for about 30 minutes.
Your Baba Cake will be perfectly baked when its surface (also the lateral sides) will be golden brown.


Meanwhile, prepare your syrup by boiling for about 20 minutes water and sugar, with spiral-shaped zest.


Once your syrup is ready, add the rum.

Riddle the baba cake surface with holes using a toothpick.


Pour the rum syrup onto your baba cake by means of a ladle.


Recline the mold to make the extra syrup pour out, and use it again to dip the cake. Keep repeating this operation until the cake will have absorbed all the syrup.



Leave the baba cake in the refrigerator for about 2 hours before turning it upside down on a platter. You can decorate it with some whipped cream.


Slice your Neapolitan baba cake and serve.

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Neapolitan Baba Cake
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Neapolitan Baba Cake

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