Neapolitan Cuisine has very ancient origins, and was under the influence of several different cultures during the centuries.

First courses may range from super-easy recipes, like spaghetti with garlic and olive oil or pasta frittata, to more elaborated recipes, like ziti with ragu sauce or pasta with genovese sauce, requiring at least 6 hours of preparation and cooking.
We use several different pasta shapes, like paccheri or scialatielli.

Among second courses, we have both fish and meat ones, like, rispectively, mussels in a pepper broth and poached octopus, or braciole and the very typical sausages with turnip tops.

As regards side dishes, you can find melanzane a funghetto, friarielli (turnip tops) or even eggplant parmigiana and potato cake.

Of course, I can’t forget pizza! Well-known all over the world, it is by full right among the hits of Neapolitan cuisine, together with Rum baba, sfogliatelle and pastiera.

We also have great savory cakes, like tortano and casatiello, or even savory baba cake and Neapolitan buns.

Our most famous liqueurs? Limoncello and nocino, for sure!

All recipes from Naples

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