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Like most of feasts, Holy Week in Neaples is kind of divided between the sacred and the profane. I’ve thought telling you Neapolitan Easter traditions can be a nice way to wish you a happy Easter.

On Maundy Thursday we have the traditional “Struscio buy Strattera 40 mg ” (litterally, shuffling, referring to the noise of female long dresses during the stroll), or rito dei Sepolcri, that is visiting an uneven number of cherches (usually 7), to celebrate the Last Supper through a liturgical ceremony.
During this day here in Naples we use to prepare desserts like pastiera and pastry cream and sour cherry pie (we call it “pizza con la crema”, pastry cream pizza). We also make mussel soup, ‘a zupp’ ‘e cozzeche, to have it for dinner, with freselle or croutons.

On Good Friday  churches of Naples use to arrange a Via Crucis among the streets.
This is a day of fast, when we use to abstain from meat and dedicate to prepare two different savory cakes, like casatiello buy brand Levitra online , tortano and “Pizza chiena”: we use to prepare them on Friday evening, let them rise during the night, and bake them on Saturday morning.

Holy Saturday is a day of meditation and prayer, culminating with Easter vigil.
During the day we proceed and bake the savory cakes prepared the day earlier: we will have them for dinner, together with some cold cuts.

And so we arrive to Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday.

The typical Easter menu is composed by:
Appetizers: fellata (a plate or bread board with mixed cold cuts and cheeses) and casatiello (or tortano)
First Course: wedding soup
Second Course: lamb with cheese and peas, or baked kid with new potatoes
Side Dish: roasted artichokes or deep-fried artichokes
purchasing Plavix online Dessert: Neapolitan pastiera

On Easter Monday we usually have some trip into the country just outside town: casatiello (or tortano) is a must, usually accompanied by a barbecue.

That said, I just have to wish you a peaceful Easter… Like last year, I will spend Easter at home with my parents and parents-in-law, so I’m going to cook something special on Easter Sunday… I’ll let you know 😉
Now I leave you, a go to make casatiello!!!

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