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New York Cheesecake is a classic American dessert, made with a bottom cookie crust, covered with a cheese cream. You can serve it with strawberry frosting, or chocolate, or caramel, or even jam or fresh fruit… well, it is suitable for any frosting, it only up to you and your taste!
I’ve tasted several cheesecakes over the years, but I’ve never been fond of this kind of dessert… Anyway, last Saturday I was invited for dinner at my aunt’s, and since she really loves New York Cheesecake, I decided to try the recipe of my beautiful book of international cuisine… Amazing result! I’d never tasted such a yummy New York Cheesecake! So, not only I rediscovered cheesecakes, but I also met with success!
If you want to try it, this is my recipe 😉

Ingredients for a 22 cm springform pan:
250 g of Digestive cookies
100 g of butter

Ingredients for the cheese cream:
3 eggs
250 g of sugar
400 g of cream cheese Xenical pills
Where to buy Xenical 1 tbsp of vanilla extract

Ingredients for the frosting
250 ml of sour cream
65 g of icing sugar Clonidine without prescription
2 tsp of vanilla extract

Preparation Time: 40 min.
Baking Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour and 40 min. + 4 hour in the fridge

How to make New York Cheesecake

Finely mill the cookies with a mixer, then add tepid melted butter.

Combine cookies and butter, then pour the mixture into a springform pan, level and compact evenly, and put in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, let’s make the cheese cream: put, in a large bowl, philadelphia, eggs, sugar and vanilla.

Whisk till getting a smooth and creamy mixture.

Take back the springform and pour the cheese cream inside.

Cook for 1 hour at 160°C in pre-heated oven.

Take out of the oven and make the frosting: in a bowl, wisk sour cream, sugar and vanilla.

Spread the frosting all over the cheesecake.

Put back into the oven and let cook for 10 more minutes at 180°C.

Let cool down, then put in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Take out of the fridge, remove the sides of the pan, garnish as you prefer, put on a platter and serve your New York Cheesecake.

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New York Cheesecake
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New York Cheesecake

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