And here you have the asparagus recipe I had told you about, the fancy one I would prepare after making risotto: Puff Pastry Wrapped Asparagus, a nice and yummy finger food.
I’ll leave this quick recipe because Elisa is asking for her walk, with her jacket already on… but we actually have just woke up and still have jummies on 😛 So I should probably get a move on or I won’t do anything today 🙂
I wish you all a nice day!!

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Ingredients for 4 servings:
8 asparagus
8 slices of raw ham
30 g of scales of grana
1 sheet of puff pastry cheap Clonidine
sesame seeds
salt Buy Strattera

Preparation Time: 15 min.
Baking Time: 30 min.
Total Time: 45 min.

How to make Puff Pastry Wrapped Asparagus

Let’s start by cleaning asparagus. Remove the white part of the stalk and peel away the outer and tougher part.
Blanch them in salty water for about 5-8 minutes.


Drain asparagus, and let them dry.
Meanwhile, spread some grana scales on each ham slice.


Put one asparagus per slice, and wrap the ham around it.


Roll out your puff pastry sheet and cut it into 1-inch stripes.


Wrap puff pastry stripes in a spiral around asparagus.
Place the asparagus on an oven tray covered with baking paper, brush with some milk, sprinkle with sesame seeds and put in oven pre-heated at 200°C.


Bake for about 15 minutes or until nicely golden.


Serve your Puff Pastry Wrapped Asparagus still hot!

asparagi avvolti in pasta sfoglia


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Puff Pastry Wrapped Asparagus
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Puff Pastry Wrapped Asparagus

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