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 No-Bake Cakes No-Bake CakesNo-Bake Cakes are the perfect solution if you want to eat a dessert without turning the oven on! Above all during summer, it may happen taht you do not want to turn the oven on, since heat is often suffocating and

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 Recipes for a Carb-Free Diet Recipes for a Carb-Free DietThis gallery gathers 10 carb-free or diet recipes. Many light recipes for every taste. The rich and spectacular Diet Chicken Salad, or Orange Chicken Breast, if you like white meat. If you are meat-lovers, Shreds with Cherry Tomatoes and Arugula.

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 Summer Recipes Summer RecipesSummer Recipes are colorful, fresh and light: so green light for pasta salads, cold dishes and ice-cream cakes… basically, my favorite recipes! The recipes in this gallery are ideal when weather is hot, to have lunch on the beach, or

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 Low-Cost Recipes Low-Cost RecipesLow-Cost Recipes are all of those recipes allowing you to save some money when you do the shopping. How? For example, by using products in season, cereals and legumes. Your health will benefit too. There are many ways to make

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 No-Bake Desserts No-Bake DessertsNo-Bake Desserts are all of those delicious sweet dishes we can eat when the weather is hot, we crave something sweet but do not want to turn the oven on. In this gallery I’ve selected many delicacies you can make

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 Cold Dishes Cold DishesCold Dishes are ideal when fine weather arrives, when because of hot sun we desire just fresh and light food, and we don’t want to spend time near the stove. And, maybe, we aldo would like to eat less heavy

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 Neapolitan Desserts Neapolitan DessertsNeapolitan cuisine, in this case Neapolitan desserts, has ancient origin. Gastronomic tradition of Campania has been strongly affected by several different cultures. We have wheat, from Graeco-Roman period, symbol of fertility for pagans, strictly connected to the cult of Ceres.

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 Recipes from Liguria Recipes from LiguriaRecipes from Liguria are characterized by few, simple ingredients masterfully combined to create the genuine Mediterranean cooking, fresh and light. In Liguria they barely use meat, diary products and, generally speaking, animal fats. Lack of pasture has led Ligurians to

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 Recipes Free from... Intolerances Recipes Free from... IntolerancesNowadays we here more and more often about food intolerances. If you discover you have an allergy or intolerance, you need to change your cooking and eating habits, you may feel overwhelmed and depressed at the idea of having to

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