Cold Dishes


Cold Dishes are ideal when fine weather arrives, when because of hot sun we desire just fresh and light food, and we don't want to spend time near the stove. And, maybe, we aldo would like to eat less heavy and caloric dishes, so that to arrive to the bath suit test at our best... without renouncing to the taste, of course! The most popular Cold Dishes recipes are simple, not too heavy, and rich in fruit and vegetables in season. That's because with hot weather it happens to loose precious mineral salts, so we need to restore them, and eat healthy food, rich in vitamins. Some of these recipes are suitable to be packed and carried around, maybe in thermic containers, to go to the seaside and spend a nice day with your friends. In this gallery you'll find many recipes to make yommy single courses, even with some fancy and unusual combinations. Several types os cold pastas and rice or cous cous salads. Many ideas to make rich salads, like caprese salad. As usual, only step-by-step picture recipes.

Insalata di melone e prosciutto