Epiphany Recipes


Epiphany recipes gathered in this photo-gallery will help you to easily make at home delicious pastries to fill your kids' socks. Undertaking to prepare your own Befana sock? It's a simple operation, and, above all, funny! It also is a nice idea for a gift to kids... and grown-ups too: they won't be able to resist temptation of your yummy treats! Quick and easy to make, Epiphany recipes will allow you to make great healthy sweets and to avoid buying packaged candies and snacks, full with preservatives and also expensive. With these simple recipes you will find out how to make soft gumdrops or classic toffees. In a few steps you will be able to make cute lollipops or chocolate truffles. You'll find the recipes to make fancy cookies or some well-known brand snacks, in no way inferior to the original ones. All the delicacies of this collection are explained step-by-step and accompanied by pictures of every single step, so that anybody, even the less experienced cooks, can try and make delicious Epiphany recipes.