Father's Day Recipes


In this gallery you will find many tasty dishes and fancy ideas to inspire you and celebrate our daddies in the best possible way and show them how much we love them. Father's Day is a celebration created to honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood and paternal bonds. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, but here in Italy, like in other few Catholic countries, we use to celebrate it on March 19th, on the Feast of St. Joseph. Anyway, in most countries (and so is in Italy), families just gather to celebrate the father figures in their lives. Nevertheless, in some countries, schools set up special activities to make Father's Day gifts. As you probably know, here in Italy we have a strong culinary tradition, and we often associate feasts with special food. For example, on March 19th you will find in many Italian houses simple dishes, linked to humbleness associated to St. Joseph, like chickpeas or broad beans dishes. We also have special desserts, of course: zeppole, potato zeppole or fritters are very common all around Italy. After all, the best way to show our love is giving something made by hand, isn't it? All the recipes in this gallery have step-by-step pictures, so that even if you are not expert, you can still make something very good for your daddies!