Frittatas are dishes with egg as a main ingredient. The base is made with beated eggs, parmesan, salt, black pepper and chopped parsley. Then you can add vegetables, cheeses, cold cuts... Their strength is that they are easy to make and quick to cook. Usually, we make them in a non-sticky pan, on a low heat, but you can also bake them. You can eat them alone, maybe with a salad, or use them to stuf paninis. Here in Naples, a classic recipe is pasta frittatas, a great and yummy way of using leftover pasta, typical food to bring at a picnic ot at the seaside. They have similar dishes in French and Spanish cuisines too, omelettes and tortillas, respectively. In this gallery you'll find many simple frittata recipes, from onion frittata to zucchini frittata and Spanish tortilla. And if you're on a diet, or simply prefer lighter recipes, you could try egg-white frittata or herbs frittata roll: lighter, yes, but still tasty.